The Legacy Group, LTD

Oregon Wealth Management and The Legacy Group have joined forces to continue to provide uncompromising service through a high level of personal commitment and client-focused awareness.

The What, How, and Why is The Legacy Process and consists of planning, prioritizing, implementing, and monitoring. With your values and priorities to guide us, we offer creative and personalized solutions, one client at a time. Charting a course that seeks to enhance your financial resources and, ultimately, guide your wealth along the path of greatest good, is the heart of The Legacy Process.

Our team begins with understanding who you are with an emphasis on clarifying Life Goals for yourself, your family, and your community. We get to know you, developing Life/Wealth programs as unique as you are – programs to fit your life, not the other way around. Our approach does not result in a single, rigid solution, but rather a vital process in which your financial resources are always at the service of a clearer and more refined view of your individual goals. It is an experience that is both affirming and transformative.

We love our work and take extra care to ensure that our clients have the best possible financial planning experience. Our mission is to guide our client’s wealth along the path of greatest good and we get special satisfaction from being their partner as we work towards reaching their financial goals.

While each client's personal objectives and financial goals are as unique as the individual, our guiding mission remains the same: To preserve and strengthen your financial position in the years and decades to come.

Whether you are building assets for the future, or seeking to protect, enjoy and pass on those you already have, The Legacy Group has joined with Oregon Wealth Management to help you along the way.